Sorry there haven’t been many updates lately. Been extremely busy but I’ve found the time to update the Top section so you can view the past 7 days, 30 days, 365 days and all time.


~ by ragequitters on December 14, 2010.

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  1. Is there anything being done to address the huge amounts of faked screenshots/videos being uploaded? The same guys are posting 4 or 5 screenshots of the SAME opponent allegedly ragequitting. Just common sense, if someone ragequits on you like 3 times in a row, why do you keep playing him?

    And there are WAY too many people on SRK all corroborating on the same people who are faking evidence. It’s pretty obvious, even to the casual observer. If nothing is being done about this, than the entire ragequit system is no longer legitimate.

    • Really Fuji? I have seen a lot of this alleged, fake/Photoshop conspiracy theories. One. It is really and I mean really hard to edit a video of what SRK is talking about.

      Two. It has been proven that SRK is full of haters that dump on players better than they are. I see hate all over the forums about DSP, Justin Wong etc.

      Three. It’s the same guy because everyone at SRK keeps lumping all the players they don’t like into one person. Piece of advice. If you don’t like they person. Then don’t play him and it is as easy as that.

  2. Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s impossible and doesn’t exist. I would be skeptical too except that it happened to me. I saw the video and was like whoa… it’s a video of me only i never played that match. And yes, it’s the same guy who’s doing that to everyone. SRK might be haters at times, but that doesn’t explain how ONE guy seems to have videos of EVERYONE ragequitting on him.

    All it takes is a few fake videos to ruin the credibility of an entire ‘ragequitting’ site.

  3. You speak about ruining credibility. Yet SRK has done nothing but bash and insult reputable players like DSP and Razorfist to name two. What I am beginning to think is, that there is no fake videos. No one guy. Most of SRK has lost it’s class since the shift from Super turbo to street fighter 4. I think some great thinker with a lot of time on his hands at SRK came up with the best excuse for members to use. 1. Say the picture or video in question is fake. Seeing as it can not be proven that it is a falsified picture/video. You can’t argue the case. 2. Lump everyone into one mysterious mystery person. Then claim everyone you hate is the same person. It would be laughably hilarious if the excuses were not so mundane and far fetched. Some sound like they were thought up while at a drug induced party while watching an Andy Warhol movie.

    Just my personal opinion from what I have observed while visiting rage quitters. SRK got there but kicked. Some rage quit and got caught. Others have achieved self brainwashing and actually convinced themselves that they are actually the best at the game. When beat, they quit or send hate message’s. I think maybe it is time for everyone to grown up and let it go. That said. SRK wont. That is why I will side with people like TKK, Razorfist, DSP and Free1up. True Street Fighter players.

  4. I don’t play nearly enough to follow ongoing SRK drama… I don’t even recognize the names you mentioned.

    All I do know is that:

    a) My name appeared on the site with a FAKE video of me. I was shocked.
    b) The ragequit screenshot I posted TWICE never appeared on the site (not sure why)
    c) A lot of guys I play with on a regular basis who NEVER quit are ALL being accused of ragequitting by the same user at ragequitters.

    • Does not surprise me. SRK members don’t rage quit on fellow SRK members. Here is a question though. A little fun thought. Did any, and I mean any of you contact said person/persons in a nice manner asking to remove the pictures/videos. Or ask him ” hey. how did that fight go down on your end?” Because I know for a fact. That the net code on Street Fighter 4 is so bad. That the game can become out of sync. Which means. Both people are playing 2 completely separate rounds. Let me guess. NO! By the way. If you don’t believe me. I have personal experience. I fought some guy in japan. I am U.S. Both with mics. Last deciding round for both of us. I used a combo for the win.

      I hear on my end, KO. Ok great. His end. I hear an ultra fire off then I hear KO. After the match we both (luckily) took screen shots and sent them to each other. The game was so off. That we both won. We both got points that we should have received. But minus the deduction. So think about it.

  5. Wow dude. You hate SRK so much that you’re defending this guy just to spite the SRK community. That’s dedication there.

    You’re reading too much into this though. Most of the guys I play are casual SF4 players who don’t even follow SRK. We’re just a few G4WL guys who are decent with good connections so we play the occasional player match.

    You gotta chill out. Not everyone is conspiring against all non-SRK members because of some weird feud you guys have.

    And to answer your question, YES, I have contacted this guy who repeatedly spams ragequit videos/screens of all of us. He proceeded to flame me as is documented by many people on this site. Not that that would surprise me. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that if ONE guy seems to get every regular player on SF4 ragequitting on him… it’s probably not everyone else.

    This guy also sits there and spams your lobby with requests when you refuse to play him. Every time you kick him he comes back and just sits there and takes up the challenge spot.

    Still care to defend him? What’s it gonna be this time? Maybe he’s a disabled veteran with down syndrome who is dying of cancer and takes his anger out on random Sf4 players and we should be more understanding of it?

    • First off. I am chilled out. I am just having a discussion. Secondly. If the guy is this much of a dick and rage quits that often. Where are all the pictures. One would think by now. Seeing as SRK so loves to post any disconnect ( even a legit connection drop ) as a rage quit to make themselves look better. There should be picture after picture of person in question. It seems he has the proof and you do not.

      Nice way to reference down syndrome, veterans and cancer.
      I expect no less from SRK members. Even the casual members. It was a discussion until you decided to bring that into play. Next you want to want to mention those. Maybe you should pick a better way to depict a war hero, birth defect and a terminal illness in a way that is not offensive. I wont be replying anymore. Because after that little re-mark. I can say that SRK are the 12 year olds and said person/persons is the bigger, better person. Good Day to you Sir.

  6. I’m so hurt you won’t be replying any more, Mr. Neko. Oh how I will miss your inane drivel on how SRK is going to ruin western civilization and threaten democracy and freedom.

    All while simultaneously avoiding the difficult questions posed, like why one guy seems to be posting the vast majority of the rage quit videos/screenshots on the site as if he has a “ragequit on me” magnet attached to his back.

    Oh and there ARE certainly screenshots and submissions showing him to be ragequitting. Perhaps someone should be doing his research before making broad, sweeping accusations?

    Oh but then you wouldn’t have a point to make. Darn it. It’s ok, you’re right. You should be the “bigger, better person” because all of us who peruse SRK once in a while are clearly 12-year-old neanderthals who oddly seem to hurt your feelings a lot. Such a shame.

    We miss you already.

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