New and improved!

You thought this site was dead didn’t you? I did as well. Rage Quitters doesn’t get many visitors but there are still visitors and I’ve been wanting to update the site for a long time now.

Finally completed today and here’s what’s new:

  • Everything has been redone from scratch from the database to the front end to the technology used.
  • Responsive design so you can view the site on just about any device. Although, if you’re on a small screen, it’ll be a bit hard to actually see the pictures if it’s words.
  • A better filtering system. Easier to use compared to using the drop downs on the previous versions.
  • Bigger pictures right away. No more having to click on the image to view it. You can see the full size right away.
  • Multiple images/videos per submission now up to 5 items. So you can mix and match your uploads rather than having to squeeze everything into one image.
  • A better submission form to use rather than the previous one, while I thought was cool, wasn’t very maintainable and the previous one wouldn’t have worked for the multiple images/videos.
  • You can add an email to your submission so you can be alerted when it either is accepted or rejected rather than not knowing.
  • Uses Google’s search rather than the crappy one that was on the site previously.
  • An actual user profile and user options including the ability to delete your account.
  • A report functionality for submissions to let me know if something needs re-evaluating.
  • Moved comment system to Disqus rather than hosting it myself. This allows for better functionality than my basic comments that were previously implemented.

Technologies that Rage Quitters is built on:

  • .NET 4.0 MVC
  • C#
  • MS SQL 2012
  • Entity Framework 4.0
  • DotNetOpenAuth

Front end technologies used


~ by ragequitters on January 24, 2013.

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